Coach Austin Franzen

Austin is a Football/Baseball/Softball/Performance Coach at RSA.  Austin currently attends KSU and is a certified personal trainer through ISSA.  He is a high school coach and he has a desire and passion like no other to work with young athletes and take their game to the next level.  Austin has been in the industry for 5+ years and has helped countless athletes achieve their goals.  Austin is extremely patient and has a knack for working with young athletes.  He is inspirational and motivating and has the ability to break down all components of training so that each individual feels comfortable and can completely understand what is being asked of them.

Coach BJ Smith

BJ is a NASM Certified Performance Coach. He played collegiate football as a running back, receiver, and wing t quarterback.  He  is a part of the GMSAA Football Association.  He excelled many high school athletes to the collegiate level in football, baseball, and track and field.  BJ brings energy and creativity to every session.  He has the desire to motivate every young athlete to reach their potential.

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